Aiden, Elliot, Nieve, Owain and Renai are all receiving treatment at local hospitals for serious illnesses and were given the opportunity by the Box4Kids initiative run by the Barrie Wells Trust to have an evening in a VIP Box at the Birmingham Arena to watch ‘OVO’ Cirque Du Soleil last month.

Our guests were treated to a fabulous surprise when they arrived at their luxury executive box, as the cast were there to personally greet them. This enabled the children to get lots of photographs with the cast, ask questions about the upcoming performance and to the children’s astonishment the cast gave them backstage access after the show had finished.

The children were left speechless after the flawless performance based on insect life, which consisted of acrobatic butterflies, trapeze artists dressed as butterflies and a show-stopping finale with trampolining crickets. The atmosphere in the arena was absolutely electric after such an eye-popping performance, but the excitement didn’t stop there for our VIP’s who were then able to go backstage!

We love to receive feedback from our guests after the event and it is safe to say that these five, incredibly deserving children, had a wonderful evening at ‘OVO’. Here are a few lovely examples:

 ‘Thank you so much to the Barrie Wells Trust for such an amazing experience. Cirque du Soleil was fantastic and both Owain and I especially enjoyed going back stage and meeting some of the artists. Owain’s belly laugh at the blue flea was so nice to hear and having quality time with the kids, watching them smile was just so relaxing for us mums.’

This quote is from Owain’s mum, Gemma. Owain suffers from Noonan’s syndrome which is a lifelong condition, affecting him both physically and educationally.

Natalie, Renai’s mum contacted us after the event to say:

‘Thank you so much for such a fabulous experience. It truly touched my heart to meet these beautiful children, true inspirations! The crew made the children so happy and it was beautiful to see their amazing smiles. It will be a night Renai and I never forget.’

Renai suffers from Type 1 Diabetes, which is a serious, lifelong condition where your blood glucose level is too high because your body can’t make a hormone called insulin.

Something we cherish here at the Barrie Wells Trust is the ability to create friendships between the children, which is captured by Nieve’s mum, Angie:

‘A massive thank you to all at the Barrie Wells Trust and to the wonderful performers from Cirque Du Soleil. It was so nice to meet everybody and hear the laughter from the children during the performance.’

Nieve has been diagnosed with a Wilm’s tumour, a cancer of the kidneys and has received extensive treatment since.

Elliot’s mum, Anna mentioned exactly what our Box4Kids initiative is all about, making memories for seriously deserving children:

‘Thank you so much for an amazing experience. The cast were fantastic and nothing was too much. Lovely deserving children. Barrie Wells THANK YOU!’

Elliot has also been diagnosed with Noonan’s Syndrome, he has previously suffered from JMML leukaemia, congenital heart defects and mild hearing loss.

The Barrie Wells Trust would like to sincerely thank Birmingham Arena and the cast of Cirque Du Soleil for making this magical evening possible for Aiden, Elliot, Nieve, Owain and Renai and their mums.


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