Libby’s Story

Meet 15 year old Libby!

Libby absolutely loves music and dancing, so we couldn’t think of anything better than inviting her to our Box4Kids event at Manchester Arena to see the amazing Little Mix in November last year.

Libby is diagnosed with right sided hemiplegic cerebral palsy which is caused by damage to part of the brain. She also suffers with scoliosis, learning difficulties and anxiety, so attending a concert in standard seating amongst large crowds is something that Libby would find very challenging. The great thing about Box4Kids is that not only do the executive boxes provide the VIP treatment and amazing views, they are also a secure, comfortable space where our guests can feel safe and at ease.



Libby’s VIP Experience

On Friday 15th November 2019, Libby and her mum Andrea made the journey from where they live in the West Midlands to Manchester Arena for the hugely anticipated LM5 UK Tour. As it was such a special occasion, Andrea had booked a hotel for them to stay in that evening so they could make the most of their trip.

A delicious buffet was served before Little Mix appeared on stage and there were endless tubs of popcorn for everyone to enjoy while watching the show. The executive box was located just to the side of the stage, so everyone had superb views. It was a spectacular performance with an amazing set, themes, dancing and of course singing!

Andrea said, ‘Libby loved the whole experience of the box event. She enjoyed having her own area to sit in and being in a small group away from the crowds. She especially loved the personal touches such as the lanyard with her name on it and being able to chat to the other children attending the event.’

All the guests got on brilliantly and there was plenty of dancing, singing and cheering to be heard from the box, which was very kindly donated by Daisy Group. Stefni Oliver, CEO of Daisy Corporate Services also attended the box and it was great for her to see first-hand the amazing effects of Box4Kids. She said ‘I’m so glad we could be part of it and that the children had a great time.’

Not only was this an amazing VIP experience for Libby, it was also a challenge that she was able to overcome. Andrea mentioned, ‘Libby was always apprehensive to go to a concert in the past and this has increased her confidence.’

If you have an executive box or know of someone who does, please do get in touch so we can make even more incredible memories for deserving children.