Maisy’s Story

Meet 11-year-old Maisy!

Maisy was a normal girl who loved life, cart-wheeled everywhere she went and loved being with her friends.  In April 2019 Maisy, aged 10 was diagnosed with stage four Germ Cell (Ovarian) Cancer which had also spread to her liver and lungs. She was immediately transferred to Alder Hey Children’s Hospital in Liverpool where her family were told the full extent of the illness. ‘It was a very tough pill to take’ said dad Tony. ’When we told Maisy what was going on she said “sorry and please don’t tell my friends because they will get upset”’.

Before chemotherapy treatment could start Maisy had to have an operation in which they removed one of her ovaries and a 7lb tumour from her stomach area. Maisy then started her chemotherapy cycle two days later. Tony said ‘It was horrendous for her, it makes everyone sick, but it knocked her for six. She never felt like eating or drinking and the hair loss in Maisy’s mind was the final straw.’

A year later, I’m over the moon to say that she stuck with it and she has beaten it!’

Maisy is a huge Liverpool fan and whilst going through treatment her dad Tony asked, if he could get her anything, what would it be? Maisy simply replied, ‘Liverpool tickets!’. Tony tried every way he could think of to get Maisy her wish, but sadly he was unable to.

Maisy’s CLIC Sargent social worker submitted a nomination via our website for her, commenting how Maisy would love to see her favourite football team Liverpool FC.

In September 2019, Maisy’s parents got the call from the Trust to invite her along to Anfield to watch her beloved LFC. Tony recalls that moment as ‘perfect! It was her wish and the Trust without realising had granted it’.

Maisy’s VIP Experience

On 5th October 2019 Maisy and her dad Tony were invited to Anfield to attend Barrie’s executive box to watch Liverpool vs Leicester City. It was Maisy’s first ever Liverpool match and to make the experience even better Liverpool won 2-1!

Tony said ‘I remember arriving and we were both very nervous as we didn’t know anyone or what to expect, but straight away the hosts Heather and Jackie were amazing, coming to chat to us immediately and making us feel at home. When other people arrived, they always introduced to us which stopped the potential awkwardness of being around strangers. The best way to describe them both was that they made us feel like friends and so welcome.’

Maisy, her dad and the other Box4Kids guests enjoyed a three-course meal in the comfort and luxury of Barrie’s executive box and watched the match from its private balcony. Barrie’s box is one of the best at Anfield situated on the halfway line! Not only that but the children were presented with a goodie bag filled with exclusive LFC merchandise.

‘The day was brilliant, meeting all the amazing and lovely people’, Maisy said. ‘When I got back to my dad’s car after the game I spoke to my brother Mylo on the phone and told him about my experience. I started crying with happiness and told him the day was perfect! I hadn’t once thought about cancer and I even forgot I had it for a few hours’.

‘That to me is powerful and magic’ added Tony, ‘and something we as a family will be eternally grateful for. The day after the event, we noticed Maisy had changed. She had a new determined energy about her and said that she was ready to kick cancer’s bum. It made her realise that she can still do good things and has plenty of amazing times to look forward to. She even started to go and watch her football team train again and cheer them on in matches. It gave us our Maisy back and made her believe that there was light at the end of the horrible dark tunnel.’

We are able to invite children like Maisy thanks to our Chairman Barrie, who not only donates his executive box at Anfield for every home game but also funds the charity. Maisy’s dad Tony finished by saying, ‘everyone at the Trust does an amazing job in making truly deserving children smile and give them something to look forward to. You are changing lives. It is really amazing that Barrie created the charity because he wanted to give his own money away in his own lifetime to see the happiness and joy it brings. He is a living legend.’