Myla’s Story:

On Saturday 22nd June we invited Myla and her mum Debra to enjoy a VIP experience at Manchester Arena to watch Cirque Du Soleil: Toruk. Myla was born with microatia, a congenital condition where the external ear is undeveloped which affects her hearing, as well as a Cholesteatoma growth which has required a number of intense mastoid surgeries. Myla also suffers from facial palsy which has left all the nerves down the right side of her face permanently paralysed.


Myla’s VIP Experience:

Myla’s condition affects her day to day life and she receives 1:1 support at school, relying on constant adult assistance to complete tasks and communicate with others. Therefore, when Myla received her invitation from the Barrie Wells Trust to spend an evening watching Cirque Du Soleil, her mum Debra said Myla’s face was beaming!

‘Myla was able to have a day away from her disabilities. She was able to forget her differences and the struggles that she faces each day and just be a child. She was still smiling on the train home after the show.’

Due to Myla’s microatia, Debra explained that she struggled with the sound however, the show’s incredible visual effects kept her mesmerised throughout. Myla’s condition shows the true importance of inviting children to executive boxes, as not only does it enable them to feel like VIPs but it also offers a comfortable, safe space which allowed Myla to take time away from the noises and the crowds when she needed a break.


Making Memories: 

The evening was a huge success and we received this lovely feedback from Debra after the event:

I’d like to thank the Barrie Wells Trust and the person who donated their box at Manchester Arena for allowing Myla to make amazing memories that will last a lifetime.’

Here at the Trust we appreciate every single box donation, as it enables us to provide memorable experiences for children just like Myla. We are hugely grateful to Enterprise Foods for this donation and their ongoing support for Box4Kids. If you are a box donator and have any events where your box isn’t being utilised, please donate it to the Trust so we can continue making children, just like Myla, shine.