Oliver was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia (ALL) when he was just eight years old. Ollie was super fit and massively into his sport, especially football with his favourite team being Norwich City. Here at the Barrie Wells Trust we were delighted when we received Ollie’s nomination form as we knew we had the perfect VIP experience for him. So on 8th March we sent Ollie and his family to watch Norwich City play Swansea City!



This is Ollie’s Story

Two days before his diagnosis Ollie announced to his family that he wanted to complete an adult’s triathlon to fundraise for ‘The Nest’ a new sports facility which was being built by his local Community Sports Foundation. Ollie was massively into his sport, super fit and already an active member of the Community Sports Foundation’s football programme. However, five weeks after starting his treatment the change in Ollie was unrecognisable, he was unable to run and had to crawl up the stairs.

Ollie was diagnosed at the Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital, his mum Emma describes the moment she found out her son was seriously ill:

 ‘It was just like being physically punched, that’s the only way I can describe it.’





An inspiration to all

However, Ollie inspired everyone around him by deciding he wouldn’t let his illness get the better of him and challenged himself to ride 100 miles over the course of the summer holidays. His dad David was there to support him and together they would cycle a little bit every night, they completed the 100 mile challenge in early September where they were cheered down the home straight by family and friends. Everyone around Ollie was in awe of his special act of bravery and in total he has raised £7000 which has been split between The Nest project and the hospitals where he has received treatment.

Ollie continued to amaze his medical team by playing competitive football during his intensive phases of chemotherapy and since Christmas he has moved into the maintenance phase of his treatment. Ollie is still taking daily chemotherapy tablets but his hair is starting to grow back and his love of sport and being active hasn’t altered over the last 10 months.


The Future


Ollie’s dad explains that even though it has been a rollercoaster of emotions over the past 10 months, the family are settling into a ‘new normal’ and are grateful for the continuous support they have received throughout:

‘We as a family are keen to do what we can in return for all the amazing people and organisations out there that have helped us and Ollie over the last 10 months. We’re convinced that all the support and positive, memorable things have helped and continue to inspire him to get on with everything he loves, living life as much as possible like a 9 year old boy should.’





We need your help!

It is stories like Ollie’s that inspire us at the Barrie Wells Trust to ensure we are able to give the most memorable experiences to seriously ill children and their families. As a football-mad Canaries fan we knew that Ollie would be over the moon with his Box4Kids trip to Norwich City and it would be a welcome relief for his incredibly supporting family. Therefore, if you know anyone who would be able support us by donating an executive box, please don’t hesitate to get in touch and you too could provide an unforgettable experience for deserving children like Ollie.